Foci reduced coronovirus cases as restrictions in states could ease

The B.1.1.7 version, first identified in Britain, is spreading so rapidly in the United States that data analysis shows that, as of this week, it is the highest Probability has increased by 20 percent of new US cases. And scientists in Oregon have identified a case of the same type of a spinal cord with the same spine as B.1.1.7. Makes a mutation that can blunt the effectiveness of vaccines.

earlier this week, Texas and mississippi, Both Republican-led states lifted mask mandates. President Biden Denied those tricks As “a big mistake” reflecting “Neanderthal thinking”, it was important for public officials to follow the guidance of doctors and public health leaders to get the coronovirus vaccination campaign up to speed.

Other Republicans have been more cautious. Mike DeWine of Ohio’s government said it would take all public health measures aimed at curbing the virus crisis, but only once new cases fall under a certain threshold. In Alabama, Village. Why evey She said that she would extend the mandate of the state from 9 April.

In Arizona, Gov. Doug Ducey has called a “measured approach”, preventing local leaders from implementing measures that shut down businesses and allow major league games to resume if they Approval is received from the state health department.

Among Democrats, Michigan government Gretchen Whitmer said Tuesday that she was Restrictions on businesses relaxed And would allow family members who tested negative for coronovirus to visit nursing home residents. In California, the state’s Department of Public Health on Friday relaxed some restrictions saying amusement parks Can reopen on a limited basis until 1 April.

in New York City, Limited indoor dining Returned And on Thursday, the governor of Connecticut said the state Capacity limit will be reached Later this month on restaurants, gyms and offices. Masks are required at both locations.

Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Drs. Rochelle P. Valensky said states have not relaxed their restrictions yet. A new CDC report found that counties had given permission to open restaurants for food in the United States Increase in daily transition week later. The study also noted that counties issuing masked mandates reported a decrease in virus cases and deaths within weeks.

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