France shooting: 3 police officers killed

PARIS – A gunman killed three police officers, who were responding to news of a domestic violence episode in central France early Wednesday, officials said, a rare outbreak of deadly violence against French security forces. The gunman was later found dead.

Officers were called to an isolated site near Saint-Just, a small village in the Puy-de-Dame region of France, to help a woman who seeks an asylum to the south of Claremont-Ferrand -The east was about 50 miles away, according to the French interior ministry, the roof after being beaten by his partner.

The death of the officers and the plight of the woman, whose physical condition was not publicly known, attracted widespread attention in France, where there has been increasing concern in recent years over the crisis of domestic violence.

The man shot as soon as officers arrived, killing an officer, identified by the ministry as 21-year-old Arno Mavel and injuring each other in the thigh. On reaching the house, the man opened fire on two more officers. Both Cyril Morel, age 3 and Ramey Dumos, aged 3, both identified by the ministry, were killed.

The attack prompted sharp condemnation. “To protect us, our forces risk their lives,” President Emanuel Macron said on Twitter about officials. “They are our heroes.”

The officers were members of the Gendarmerie of France – the force that oversees small towns and rural and suburban areas. Gerald DarmaninThe French interior minister said the authorities died in “particularly vile circumstances” after a “courageous and heroic” intervention to help the woman and her child.

“We owe them their respect and gratitude,” said Mr. Dermannin, speaking to reporters in Umbert, a town near Saint-Justice, adding that the episode was one of the deadliest in the history of Gamandry.

The strong settlement of the police made a rapid dent in this area. The gunman, who has not been identified, was found dead several hours later, Mr. Dermannin said, although the exact circumstances of his death were not clear.

The mayor of Saint-Just, a village with about 150 residents, François Chutard, told the BFM TV news channel that officers were shot after being exposed to the scene of a domestic dispute and gunmen then opened fire on the house.

“The house is completely destroyed,” Mr. Chautard said.

French police officers have been Repeatedly Targeted By Islamist terrorist Attack In recent years, but lethal gun violence against police officers is otherwise rare in France.

Twenty-five French police officers and gendarmes were killed in the line of duty in 2018, up from 15 in 2017, According to official data. Thirteen of those deaths in 2018 were directly related to security operations. There have been 11 such deaths so far in 2020, including those killed on Wednesday, the interior minister said.

Marlène Schiappa, France’s junior minister for citizenship, Told bfm tv The shooting was evidence that perpetrators of domestic violence were a threat to society.

“These are people who think they are his wife or partner,” Ms Schiappa said, adding that such people would “use whatever they can to maintain that possession”, including violence.

Mr. Macron has dealt with domestic abuse One of his government’s priorities is, And awareness of violence against women has increased in recent years. In 2019, there were about 150 women in France Killed by their partner or former partner, An increase of 21 percent over the previous year, According to official data.

French parliament Recently approved a law Medical privacy restrictions have been relaxed in cases where there is an “immediate threat” of violence, enabling physicians to flag legal authorities without a patient’s consent.

The law also extended prison terms for those convicted for harassing their partner and criminalized the geolocation of one’s partner without consent.

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