Homeless Lawsuit Lawyers for New York City Subway System

Advocates for the homeless in New York City on Friday sued the Metropolitan Transportation Authority over a series of Kovid-19 states court case People taking refuge in the city’s subways unfairly target them.

The rules prohibit people from service after stopping for more than an hour at a metro station or being ejected from a train, and prohibits trains longer or wider than 30 inches. They were enacted on an emergency basis last April and made permanent in September.

Last spring, epidemics and shutdowns evacuated regular passengers’ subways, and dozens of transit workers died of coronavirus. Images of trains make homeless people sleepy With the spread of their belongings became the symbol of a city in crisis and Andrew M. for cleaning the government every night. Helped Cuomo to shut down the system.

Rule’ Stated objectives To “protect public health and safety”, help first responders work and “maintain social balance.” But the rules exempt so many activities from the one-hour limit – including public speaking, campaigning, removal, artistic performances, and collecting money for religious or political reasons – as “blatantly obvious” that their true purpose Homeless people have to be excluded from the subway, the suit says. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of the Urban Justice Center’s Safety Net Project picture The Homeless and a homeless man named Berry Simon.

Mr Simon was ordered to rest at a station “dozens of times” by police and threatened arrest on several occasions, according to the lawsuit. 54-year-old Mr Simon was removed from the stations at least 10 times because the car he held his property in was too large, the suit says.

Because people experiencing homelessness in New York City are absolutely black and Latina and people with disabilities, the rules violate state human and civil rights law, the suit says. It also states that the rules were made without proper review. The MTA did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the lawsuit.

The use of the subway as a fact of life for a long time in New York has become a hot button issue for homeless people. Many homeless people now escape the city’s barrack-style group shelters out of fear of contracting coronoviruses. While the city is adding hundreds of private rooms to the shelter system in hotels, competition rules and night closures Some people left to choose Between sleeping outside in winter and taking your chances in group shelters.

Calls are up To end the night off in recent times.

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