Iota became the 30th-nominated Hurricanes in a record-breaking season

The tropical storm Iota continued to make its way through the Caribbean Sea on Saturday, a day after becoming the 30th named storm in the record-breaking 2020 Atlantic hurricane season.

The storm was moving west-southwest at 7 mph on Saturday evening, about 455 miles east of Cabo Gracias a Dios on the Nicaragua-Honduras border. According to the National Hurricane Center, it was expected to gain strength and momentum over the next few days.

Etawah could become a major hurricane – Category 3 or above – as it approached Central America, National Hurricane Center spokesman and meteorologist Dennis Feltenhagen in Miami said Friday night. It is expected to reach the coasts of Honduras and Nicaragua on Monday. Rainfall may be 16 to 30 inches in some areas.

A hurricane warning was issued for the Colombian island of Providencia, while a storm watch was in effect for the neighboring islands of San Andres and parts of Honduras and Nicaragua.

Potential life-threatening surf and rip current conditions may affect the coast of Colombia as well as parts of Central America.

The formation of Iota falls on the heel of the subtropical storm theta and the storm ata. Parts of Hurricane Etah damaged, bringing deadly floods and landslides Central america When it made landfall as a Category 4 hurricane. Forecasters hypothesized that Etah damage may increase Etawah effects.

Eta also competed in florida Twice, Except thousands without power And waterlogging on roads and roads. Unlike Eta, Iota is not predicted to turn north toward the United States, Mr. Feltgen said.

Although scientists have not said with certainty that global warming has caused more storms, there is a general consensus that climate change has changed the ways in which Storms behave, Making them more destructive.

Scientists expected active storm season 25 named storms. He expects Now crossedWith a record set in 2005, in which 28 hurricanes were named.

After ending the 21-name list established by the World Meteorological Organization for the Atlantic hurricane season, meteorologists have resorted to using Greek alphabet names.

Mr. Feltgen said that “2020 had all the right ingredients to have an exceptionally active season.”

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