Iran’s Top Nuclear Scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, Assassins: Live Update

Since Mr. Trump last week Secretary of Defense, Mark T. C. L., and other top Pentagon allies were sacked, with the Department of Defense and other national security officials privately expressing concern that the president may launch the operation, whether it is against Iran or others or undercover. Opponent at the end of his term. Others have speculated that Mr. Netanyahu, who is on the edge of attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities at various moments, might want to take action while Mr. Trump is still in office.

While Mr. Trump’s top advisers – including Mr. Pompeo and General Mark A. Miley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff – argued against a military offensive against Iran, top U.S. officials and commanders still carried out Iran’s malicious activities Be warned.

General Kenneth F., Chief of the Army’s Central Command. “For decades, the Iranian regime has funded and supported terrorism and terrorist organizations,” McKenzie Jr. said.

Iran’s state media said in the description of the attack on Mr. Fakhrizadeh, that it took place on the main tree-lined vase in Ebard, outside the capital Tehran, away from a countryside along the majestic mountains.

Photographs posted by the state and social media after the attack showed the scientist’s car, a black SUV, with a windshield smashed by bullets and flying side windows. Blood streaks and streaks of glass and metal are strewn on the road.

Residents told state television that they heard the sound of a large explosion followed by a rapid machine gun fire. State television reported that a Nissan truck was parked on opposite sides of the road. The truck exploded in front of Mr. Fakhrizadeh’s car and was followed by a group of five-six gunmen sitting in another car as soon as Mr. Fakhrizadeh’s vehicle came in front and opened fire on his car, the report said.

According to Sepoy Cyber, a social media channel affiliated with the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, an intense gun fight between the killers and bodyguards was trying to protect Mr. Fakhrizadeh.

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