Jeanine Aanz, former Bolivian president, says she faces face to face

Former Bolivian interim president Jeanine Aanj said on Friday that she and several allies were in a relationship with her 2019 predecessor, former Evo Morales, alleging terrorism and treason after issuing an arrest warrant.

“Political persecution has begun,” Ms. Aanj wrote on Twitter, With an image of the warrant. Authorities arrested him in his hometown of Trinidad on Saturday morning and transported him to the capital, La Paz.

Bolivia has been engulfed in political turmoil since late 2019, when Mr. Morales, the country’s first indigenous president, a divisive and transformative socialist leader, sought a fourth term in office.

The presidential election ended in a vote count, deadly protests and Army call Mr. Morales to leave. He ran away from the country Many call it a coup. Others accused his government of manipulating votes, showing him to win by a substantial margin to avoid a runoff.

Election and subsequent violence Deep cracks Among the country’s indigenous and European-descendant populations.

When Mr. Morales was released, his vice president and top Senate leaders stepped forward, leaving Mr. Aunz a small, conservative party senator and Mr. Morels’ political enmity. to take over As interim leader. Then, at the end of 2020, a new election was called and Won decisively by louis ers, An associate of Mr. Morales.

Both Mr. Morales and Ms. Aanz used the judiciary after their critics. During his campaign, Mr. Aers promised to turn a new page in Bolivian politics.

“I’m not interested in power,” Mr. Aers said in an interview shortly before his election. He promised to hold the post for only five years, unlike Mr. Morels, who served for nearly 14 years and struggled to stay for long – and focused on recovering the economy.

As of Friday afternoon, at least two of the 10 other people listed on the warrant had been arrested by the authorities: former Energy Minister Rodrigo Guzman and former Justice Minister Valvaro Coimbra, according to Gina Hurtado, Mr. Guzman’s aide.

Imrez Roger Cortez, political science professor of the Universidad Mayor de San AndrĂ©s in Bolivia’s political capital La Paz, said he saw the arrest as an attempt by Mr. Ars Sarkar to present a show of force when it encounters Many political threats.

Ms. Aanz, who has largely disappeared from the political map, is not necessarily a threat to Mr. Aers. In the local elections held earlier this month, she finished third in the race for governor of the Department of Beni.

But in the same election, Mr. Ears’s party, Movement Toward Socialism, lost big in an important mayoral race in a former stronghold called Al Alto. The winner of that seat, Eva Koopa, was once a leading member of the socialism movement, but has since split from the party.

His ability to win without party backing was a major setback for Movement Toward Socialism. He garnered more than 60 percent of the vote.

At the same time, Mr. Aers’s government is investigating to deal with the economy and the coronavirus.

Mr. Cortez said Ms. Aunz’s arrest was an attempt to distract the government from “technical, ethical and practical incompetence to face serious problems.”

Maria Silvia Trigo contributed reporting.

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