Joshua Wong and Agnes Chow jailed in Hong Kong

Hong Kong – Joshua Wong, a Hong Kong pro-democracy campaigner, pleaded guilty to two unauthorized assembly charges on Monday along with two other activists In 2019 And completing a month of arrest of activists, journalists and politicians in the city, he was immediately sent to jail.

Mr Wong, along with Agnes Chow and Evan Lam, who have since been all members of the dissected group Democisto, were taken on remand by a court in the West Kowloon district and will be sentenced next week.

The trio were accused of unauthorized assembly over a demonstration in June 2019, when thousands of people surrounded the police headquarters and called for an investigation into the use of force by the authorities.

He did not explain why he pleaded guilty instead of fighting the charges. In a Facebook post on Sunday, Mr Wong wrote that the decision was made after the prosecution examined the evidence and consulted with legal counsel.

Democisto dissolved shortly after Beijing imposed harsh national security legislation on Hong Kong, a harsh Chinese city, and pressed an increasingly aggressive campaign against dissent.

Mr. Wong, Joe Three different stances were placed behind the first barIn two contradictory cases, said on Monday that he was ready to return to prison.

The court said before the hearing, “Maybe the authorities want me to stay in jail one after the other.” “But I am understood that, neither prison bars, nor election restrictions, nor any other arbitrary powers will prevent us from activism.”

Mr Wong, 24, Ms Chow, 23, was a prominent figure in the 2014 pro-democracy movement, saying she was concerned about the possibility of a prison sentence. He pleaded guilty in July to charges of attending an unauthorized assembly and inciting others to be charged with the case. He was also Arrested on suspicion of instigating separatism in August Under the National Security Act.

“If sentenced, it will be my first time in prison,” she wrote Facebook post on Sunday. “While I say I’m mentally prepared for it, I’m still a little scared.”

Mr. Wong gained fame as a teenage protest leader during the Umbrella Movement. After his release from prison last year, He spoke outside the police headquarters in Hong Kong, Where thousands of people gathered. He criticized the authorities for the June 12 protests outside the Hong Kong legislature as an uproar.

“No riot, only atrocities,” he led the crowd in chanting.

Later that day, some protesters threw eggs at the headquarters and marked graffiti on the outside walls.

Mr Wong on Monday pleaded guilty to charges of inciting and organizing an unlawful assembly, for which he faced up to five years in prison. But he has maintained his innocence on a related charge of attending the unauthorized assembly.

In the past month, the police have made several arrests in Hong Kong over protests and activism. Eight pro-democracy MLAs He was arrested in November during a chaotic meeting in the legislature in May. Hong Kong’s entire anti-democracy camp later Beijing resigned from the legislature after authorizing the removal of four of its group.

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