Kovid-19 after possible exposure after Boris Johnson self-isolates

Last year, when Mr. Anderson was harassing voters, he said it was as if the country was turning. “As bizarre as it sounds, Boris and Donald Trump join the working class electorate. People prefer plain English. “

Mr Anderson said on his Facebook page that he lost his sense of taste on Friday, a day after he and four other MPs attended a breakfast meeting with Mr Johnson. His positive test was returned on Sunday, which prompted the National Health Service liaison instructors to get in touch with Mr. Johnson.

During his self-isolation, Mr. Johnson plans to work from his apartment, which is above 11 Downing Street. He will also reach the next office at number 10, where others work, without having to walk through parts of the building. Unlike his previous period in quarantine, Mr. Johnson would not have to live separately from his family.

Mr Johnson will maintain a full schedule of events to be held remotely, and hopes to use a video link by the Leader of the Opposition in the House of Commons to attend his weekly grilling, questions from the Prime Minister.

While this is another important week for trade talks, analysts expect a meeting of EU leaders on Thursday to see another one in the waiver deadline. Unlike many such negotiations, which come to vague details, it has reached a politically charged endgame, with disputes over fishing rights, state aid regulations, and guarantees of fair market competition.

“It is not insoluble, but we are in a holding pattern,” said David Hennig, director of the UK Trade Policy Project at the European Institute for International Political Economy of the research institute. “Political issues have not been resolved, and nothing is being done differently that anyone thinks they can.”

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