LA Superintendent of Schools Austin Bettner Stepping Down

Austin Beutner, who commanded the Los Angeles public school system, the second-largest company in the country, gathered it during a leadership crisis and through a coronovirus epidemic, says he was in his position as superintendent in late June Will leave the post.

“This job is exceptionally demanding even in normal times,” Mr. Beatner, 61, said in an interview.

Trustees at the Los Angeles School asked him to extend the three-year contract he signed in 2018. But Mr. Beitner, a former financier who has worked as the publisher and deputy mayor of the Los Angeles Times, wrote in a letter to the board that on Wednesday he preferred to move on.

Across the country, Epidemic-weary civilian leader Assuring their service.

About one-fifth of mayors in Massachusetts have said that they Will not run for re-election. In san francisco, where Political dispute over the name of the school The school board devoured, while the families struggled to return to face-to-face classes, the superintendent. Decided to stay on No new mandate was adopted to reopen only after the board agreed in writing.

Mr. Beutner’s tenure in Los Angeles has been full of crises.

A few months after their arrival, teachers seeking to curb the impact of charter schools announced their first strike in three decades. Was the strike Settled after six days. Then the pandemic spread in 2020, with about 650,000 students living in the district, most of them from low-income homes.

Working under emergency powers and leveraging his contacts in the philanthropic and private sectors, Mr. Beatner received both praise and criticism for dealing with the epidemic.

The district set up an extraordinary social-service network, providing more than 123 million meals, more than 30 million masks and other items to needy children and adults, as well as Mass Kovid-19 test And Vaccination.

But california was Between the last states To resume in-person instruction, as Mr. Beutner had agreed with the teachers of the district to re-condition the condition of access to vaccination.

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