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Joe Biden is now the favorite to win the presidency, and Republicans are in favor of taking control of the Senate – but Both results are far from certain. And Democrats had failed to win a resounding victory, suggesting they had already won the election.

Here we stand after the night of a topsy-turvy election, in which the situation changed several times:

  • The result is not clear in the six swing states – Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin – and all are still counting votes. We may get some final votes counted today, while others may take a few days.

  • “Biden’s favorite, albeit narrowly, about everywhere,” Nate Cohan of The Times tweeted, Five of the top six states (all of North Carolina). Sean trend RealClearPolitics agreed: “Maybe Biden will be compared to Trump.”

  • The outstanding ballots are mostly mail-in ballots, which are likely to be in favor of Biden, as more Democrats than Republicans voted earlier this year. He leads the current vote count in Nevada and Wisconsin, while Trump leads in the remaining four. “I don’t think people have completely placed an eye on how Democratic these mails and absentee ballots would be in MI / PA / WI,” he wrote.

  • If Biden maintains his lead in Nevada and Wisconsin, he needs to win only one of the three states – Georgia, Michigan or Pennsylvania – to secure a majority of electoral votes (and may still lose to North Carolina ).

  • Ballot count is likely to be the slowest in Michigan and Pennsylvania. Officials in pennsylvania Has said that they expect all votes to be counted by Friday.

  • Even with Biden’s seeming benefits at this point, the country has not experienced an election with such heavy turnout by mail, which creates significant uncertainty. It is entirely possible that Trump will maintain his lead in the states where he now wins the election.

  • The situation in the Senate is different – and Is more suited to Republicans. They appear in a strong position to retain Senate control, which would give them a veto over almost all of President Biden’s legislative plans.

  • Democrats needed to win at least five of the 14 competitive Senate races and have won only two so far. Six races remain in the air. The only distinguished Republicans to be lost are Martha McSally in Arizona and Corey Gardner in Colorado.

  • Biden, addressing supporters after midnight, Urged patience. “We believe that we are on track to win this election,” he said. He said, “As long as there is no hard work to beat the votes, we will keep patience.” And it does not end until every ballot is counted, every ballot is counted. “

  • Like The liar proclaimed himself the winner Eastern at around two and a half. He said he would ask the Supreme Court to stop counting ballots in the states where he led, while urging more counting in states where he was behind. He claimed that “fraud” (for which there is no evidence) and he called the election “an embarrassment to the country”.

  • Many of the state elections were inaccurate and again undermined Republican support. A big question in the coming days will be: Did the election again fail to include enough working class voters, as it did in 2016? Or was it something else?

  • Democrats struggled to match their 2016 margin among Hispanic voters. We have covered that topic in some detail in this newspaper, and it has hurt Biden, especially in Florida and Texas.

  • You can visit the Times throughout the day for the latest coverage.

In addition, you will find information about some of this year’s other breeds – including more details on the Senate as well as the latest state voting initiatives. First, however, I would like to give you a selection of commentary on the national scene.

“There is now vote-counting.” Exactly what we knew and would report. This is a valid counting of votes, which were returned on or before election day. “- Scott Detro, NPR

After Trump’s remarks, Chris Wallace said on Fox News, “It’s a very inflammatory situation and the president has thrown a match in it.” “He has not won these states.”

“Donald Trump called it धोखाधड़ी fraud” to continue counting votes. It is not like democracy. “- Olivia Nuzzi, New York magazine

“What Trump did tonight is shocking, even though he has been telegraphing it for some time. He persuades his supporters to believe any outcome that does not involve him in winning is fraud. “- Rosie gray, Buzzfeed News

“Trump can really win. But he is definitely not there yet. And, he does not get to say that your vote should not be counted. “- Se kappu, Cnn

“Every serious analysis I read about this election said that it would be long and drawn, and that Trump would try to steal the election by trying to discount late-arriving Biden votes. And now that it’s happening … everyone is shocked. “- Anne applebaum, the Atlantic

“Unbelievable is that Trump 230K + Kovid deaths and children are being locked up in cages and everything else. Even if Biden wins, he will still have to govern in Trump country. This is who America is. “- Gabriel Sherman, Vanity Fair

“In any normal presidential democracy, it will not be a close election right now. It is close only because of our strange electoral college. “- Lee Drotman, New America Think Tank

“A major question going forward is whether the opinion poll is irreparably broken or if the poll broke out with Trump on the ballot.” – Nathan Gonzales of Inside Elections.

“Biden POTUS with GOP Senate is a recipe for terrible politics next year.” – Matt glassman, Georgetown Political Scientist

“Democrats expected Donald Trump’s massive inequality for his audacity for the epidemic, his raging White House incompetence, and his disdain for the rule of law. Instead, there was the message that chiefs like Florida Trump’s support in the states was more than truly predicted by voting. “- Walter Shapiro The New Republic.

  • Democratic Senate candidates were running slightly behind Biden in many states, making it difficult for the party to control the Senate.

  • Republicans left one seat: Tommy Tuberville defeated Democrat Doug Jones in Alabama. Gary Peters, a Democratic unaffiliated in Michigan, is locked in a close race with his Republican challenger, John James; This will depend on the outstanding votes.

  • Democrats snatched two seats: John Hickenlooper Beat gardner In Colorado, and Mark Kelly defeated Maxley in Arizona.

  • In Iowa, Republican Senator Jonny Ernst won re-election. Republicans also won races in Montana, South Carolina – Lindsey Graham occupies her seat – and Texas.

  • Many are too close to call the other race, including Maine, where Senator Susan Collins heads the Democratic candidate, Sarah Widon. In a special Senate election in Georgia, Kelly Loeffler leads a January runoff against Democrat Rafael Warnock.

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