Met Biden’s vaccine expansion deadline in all US states

At the same time, with the virus resurfacing, public health experts are warning Americans not to let their guard down. The United States averages more than 67,000 new cases a day in the last seven days, up from 54,000 a month earlier. New York Times Database.

“Seventy thousand cases a day are not acceptable. We have to get it, ”said Barry Bloom, a research professor and former dean of the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health. He said more vaccination would help, but people should wear masks and be vigilant about social distance.

At its current pace, the United States will vaccinate 70 percent of its population by mid-June. But the vaccine may move at a slow pace in the direction of hesitation herd immunity, which will also depend on the vaccination of children.

Pfizer Announced this month It applied for an Emergency Use Authority to make 12 to 15-year-olds eligible to be vaccinated. Modern hopes to release results from its testing in young teens soon, and vaccination may begin in this age group before school begins to decline.

Examinations are going on in young children. Dr. Fauci bhi Said on sunday They expected that children of all ages should be eligible for vaccination in the first quarter of 2022.

Although the trend of vaccination has increased in the United States, many countries are still facing vaccine shortages. Approximately 83 percent of the Kovid-19 vaccination has been administered in high and middle-income countries, while only 0.2 percent of doses have been administered in low-income countries, according to a New York Times Vaccine Tracker.

Director of the Center for Global Health at the University of Chicago, Drs. Fanmi Oloped stated that it was important for the United States to play its role in the global vaccination campaign, along with increasing supplies. He said that the virus left to spread around the world could continue to stall and endanger the country’s economic recovery.

Dr. “It is selfish for everyone to provide everything we can as additional vaccines to low- and middle-income countries,” Bloom said.

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