More Kovid-19 vaccine production sites are approved in the European Union

The recent stumbling of AstraZeneca security panic badly prompted the EU’s stalled Kovid-19 vaccination campaign on Friday from the European Medicines Agency, which approved new AstraZeneca, Pfizer-Bayonet and Modern Vaccine Production Sites.

The agency, a branch of the European Union and Europe’s top drug regulator, Approved sites in Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland. It is also lax for rules about how long Pfizer’s vaccine should be stored at ultraviolet temperature.

This step may accelerate the production and delivery of the continent’s lagging vaccine, which suffers delays and failures.

Although the European Union is overflowing with cash, influence and negotiations, only about 10 percent of its citizens have received First dose, Compared to 26 percent in the United States and 44 percent in Britain. Faction Negotiations with drugmakers in 27 countries were comparatively slow to negotiate, and regulators were cautious and considerate in approving certain vaccines. And has been shocked by Supply interruption And decrease.

Europe also experienced a fear about security AstraZeneca Commentary And delivery was temporarily halted in many countries. Most of those countries have Resumed using it, EMA wouted for its safety, but public confidence in the shot was severely reduced.

The agency said a new warning label would be added Vaccination So that people in the medical community can watch for rare complications that can lead to blood clots and brain hemorrhage.

I trust AstraZeneca Commentary Necessary to fight pandemics worldwide. The shot is more easily stored and less expensive than Pfizer or Modern, and for now, it is sold without the goal of making a profit.

The European Union has exported more vaccine doses than administered. On Wednesday, it revealed the emergency law Export of Kovid-19 vaccines curbed Manufactured in their countries for the next six weeks.

Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, Posted on twitter On Thursday, the European Union shipped 77 million doses from the beginning of December, 88 million were expected to be delivered internally by the end of the week, and 62 million shots were administered within member states.

Last week said, “I cannot explain to European citizens why we are exporting millions of vaccine doses to countries that are producing vaccines themselves and sending us nothing.”

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