Pennsylvania and LA Move Up Dates for Vaccine Eligibility

The state of Pennsylvania and the city of Los Angeles are accelerating plans for comprehensive Kovid-19 vaccine eligibility this week, as the United States approaches universal eligibility for adults.

majority of States and american territories Already expanded the reach to include more than 16 people. Others, including Massachusetts, New Jersey, Oregon and Washington State, plan to begin in the next few days for universal adult access. All states are expected to arrive there by Monday, Deadline set by President Biden.

There are local variations in eligibility in some states, including Illinois, where Chicago did not attend a statewide expansion that began Monday.

California has scheduled an entire Thursday as its date, but Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said Sunday that all townspeople are 16 or older, the nation’s second-largest, two days before they will be eligible. In Pennsylvania, Gov. Tom Wolf said Monday that all adults would be eligible on Tuesday, six days earlier than previously planned.

“We need to maintain the acceleration of the vaccine rollout, especially in case counts and increased hospitalization rates,” Mr. Wolf said in a statement.

Extended qualification does not always bring immediate access. The demand for vaccination continues to outstrip supply in most parts of the nation, as people prepare to book rare appointments as they become available. And Johnson & Johnson’s one-dose vaccine supply Will be very limited Unless federal regulators approve production A Baltimore Manufacturing Plant With the pattern of quality-control laps, the White House epidemic response coordinator said on Friday.

“We urge patience as we continue our tasks, receive higher doses, and enter this new phase of our campaign to end the epidemic,” Mr. Garcetti said.

More than 119 million people – or more than a third of the US population – have now received at least one dose Kovid 19 Commentary, According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The nation is giving around 3 million doses a day on average.

Two of the three vaccines authorized for use in the US – Modern and made by Johnson & Johnson – are authorized for use in adults. Third, from Pfizer-BioNTech, anyone 16 or older is authorized, and the company wants to expand that range to include youth between 12 and 15 years old. No vaccine has yet been authorized for use in young children.

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