Preliminary data proposal on AstraZeneca’s Kovid-19 vaccine

The first studies of Britain’s mass vaccination program on Monday showed strong evidence that coronovirus vaccines were working as before, one of the clearest indications yet, suggesting that the vaccines Kovid-19 Reduce the rate of hospital admissions and may reduce the transmission of the virus.

Single dose of both AstraZeneca Commentary Or one of the most coronovirus-related hospitalizations created by Pfizer may have been found, the British study found, although researchers said it was too early to give an accurate estimate of this effect.

The findings on the AstraZeneca shot, the first to emerge outside of clinical trials, represented the strongest indication of a vaccine’s effectiveness that most of the world is counting on to end the epidemic.

And separate studies of the Pfizer vaccine offered new evidence that a single shot could reduce the spread of the virus, indicating that it not only prevents symptomatic cases of Kovid-19, but also asymptomatic infections. Does.

The findings were reinforced and went beyond studies outside of Israel, which also reported that the vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNotech offered significant protection from the virus in real-world settings, not in clinical trials conducted last year . There is no other big nation Inoculate people as quickly as Britain, And it was the first country in the world to officially begin using both Pfizer Shot and developed by AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford.

The study released on Monday – two on Pfizer and one on it and AstraZeneca injections – showed that both vaccines were effective against the more contagious coronavirus variant that caught hold in Britain and spread worldwide.

“These two are working brilliantly,” said Aziz Sheikh, a professor at the University of Edinburgh who helped run the study of Scottish immunization.

Nevertheless, there were some cautionary signs in the findings. And even British MPs cited the strength of vaccines in making the announcement. Gradual loosening of lockdown restrictions, Government scientists warned that many more people needed to be injected to prevent cases from spreading to vulnerable, vaccinated groups and sometimes to cause serious illness and death.

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