Strong earthquake tremors Central Croatia

The powerful 6.4-magnitude earthquake According to the US Geological Survey, Central Croatia was attacked on Tuesday, with local rescuers reporting extensive damage near the center of the city of Petrinja and the surrounding area.

No casualties were immediately confirmed, but there were reports that the earthquake, which occurred after noon local time, could be felt as far away as the Balkans and Hungary.

The Mayor of Petrinza, Darinko Dambovich, told regional broadcaster N1 that “half of the city was destroyed” and that it was not known whether anyone had been killed. Images from the scene appeared on social media and local television stations scattered along the streets with rubble, buildings with roofs and rescue teams rushing through the streets.

Petrinja is the capital, about 30 miles southeast of Zagreb.

The Red Cross in Croatia said it was a “very serious” situation.

It was the second earthquake to strike in the region in the past, damaging buildings after a 5.2-magnitude tremor on Monday morning and causing apprehensions in an area with a history of seismic activity.

Prime Minister Lady Plankovic and President Zoran Milanovic visited the center of Petrinja to survey the damage from the first earthquake.

While there were no injuries in that first setback, Mayor Dambovich said many buildings were damaged, putting them in a precarious state when the second earthquake struck.

He said that in recent times there were many small earthquakes and many residents were afraid to spend the night in their homes.

Alisa Dogramadziva contributed reporting.

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