US hops are a small step in easing a Middle East rivalry that could further boost Iran’s economy

“Al-Maulimi told RT Arabi,” There is no fate-change or existential disagreement between us and Qatar. “We are an individual and a country, and the Qatari brothers are an extension of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is an extension of them.”

For a while, it seemed Mr. Trump would go against Qatar.

As of last year, he The Muslim Brotherhood is believed to be named A foreign terrorist organization; The Islamist movement has abandoned violence, but has links with some extremist groups. it also has Some connection with Qatar’s government, Aligned with Islamic organizations based on brotherhood.

But given other US strategic priorities – a US military airport southwest of Doha in Al-Uddid, and Qatar’s host of peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban – the Trump administration slowly pushed Qatar with its regional Fixed a way to reorganize. Opponents.

The more important battle, it seemed, was against Iran.

Since 2018, when Mr. Trump withdrew the United States from an agreement to limit Iran’s nuclear program, his administration has punished economic sanctions against Tehran, and it has an estimated $ 70 billion in oil revenues. Is denied. It has contributed What Mr. Pompeo has described last month As a 25 percent cut in Iran’s military budget last year.

Mr. Pompeo, who has taken the hardest line against Iran among Mr. Trump’s advisers, has long insisted that Tehran’s income does not benefit the Iranian people, but to fund its missile programs and proxy militias It is supporting in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon. And Yemen.

Reducing pressure on Iran’s economy – which Qatari’s overflow fees have helped offset – what Pompeo called a “dangerous option” to weaken new partnerships for peace in the region and only strengthen the Islamic Republic Is bound

An agreement to re-run Qatar’s airlines would give the Trump administration one last kick in Iran. However, in terms of a way out of the blockade, it would be only a significant blow to the catastrophe between Arab states.

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