Vatican Report Cast Pope John Paul II in Harsh New Light

ROME – At the funeral of Pope John Paul II in St. Peter’s Square, banners rose from the sea of ​​mourning, reading “Santo Subito,” or “Saint at Once”. He was a towering figure of the church in the 20th century who, while expanding the globe, inspired generations of believers with his youthful magnetism, then the infirmity of the aged, and, as the Polish pope, he ruled for 26 years. Helped bring communism down.

A few days after his death in 2005, the Cardinals, eager to uphold their conservative policies, had already begun discussing them, so that they could work quickly at the rank of saint, while devotees in Rome and Beyond their immediate demonetisation, sinking caution notes from survivors of sexual abuse and from historians. John Paul constantly turned a blind eye to the crimes in his church.

Now, after more than a decade, his reputation has fallen under the darkest cloud yet, much after the Vatican that ran him to canonize, releasing an extraordinary report this week that laid at the feet of the saint Thi who is guilty for the advancement of the disgraced former Theodore e. McCarrick

Investigations by Pope Francis, who revoked John Paul in 2014, revealed how John Paul had not considered the longstanding allegations of sexual abuse against Mr. McCarrick, including pedophilia, which allowed him to climb the hierarchy ladder .

The thick bureaucratic controversy and lack of accountability by a host of top bureaucrats over three decades of findings jeopardized the white veneer of the three platforms. But most of all, critics say, this provides evidence that the church went with reckless motions to revoke John Paul and is now trapped in its own rubble.

“He was very fast”, said Kathleen Cummings, author of “A Saint of Our Own” and head of a center of US Catholicism at the University of Notre Dame. She said the report provided “really damaging evidence”, with the church having waited at least five years, and not just days, to begin the canonization process “probably due to her complicity for John Paul II” Will not happen. Pastor sexual abuse scandal

A reversal of canonization, which historians struggle to remember, sometimes occurs. Some historians say that McCarrick’s report is likely that John Paul II himself took some breaks. But the report may complicate opportunities for canonization of others at the top of the church’s hierarchy in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, when outbreaks of sexual abuse occurred in the church.

The Vatican report suggests that Pope Benedict XVI said Mr McCarrick kept a low profile when more allegations of abuse surfaced in 2005. Pope Francis, despite hearing rumors of mistreatment from his top lieutenants, trusted that his predecessors had properly investigated the case. Left this report.

Francis has acknowledged his failures to believe the victims. He removed Mr. McCarrick from the priesthood and instituted new church policies in recent years to increase accountability.

Many church experts consider the abuses of the New Testament and the almost willful ignorance of church leaders that took place under John Paul II.

Defenders of John Paul II state that the report only indicated that Mr. McCarrick betrayed the pope, as he did many other works for more than half a century for the supreme office of the Catholic Church, and that the heroic The Christian statue had no effect. A saint to him.

John Paul was “fraudulently deceived” by John McCarrick and other American bishops, Stanislav Gedecky, head of the Polish Bishops’ Conference, said in a statement.

Pope John Paul II biographer George Weigel and was an official witness during his beating process “The Saints have made errors of judgment, this was clearly an error of judgment.” “Macrique was a pathological lie. And pathological liars including saints fool people. “

Mr. Weigel said that if perfection were a condition for the saint, St. Peter himself would not have made the cut. In fact, disqualification, sometimes attributed to the plinth, is not an essential saintly trait, and history is full of saints who were not saints at all during their lifetimes.

There was one Satanic priest, Prostitutes, Thieves and much more on the road to redemption and sainthood. In 1969, Pope Paul VI removed the 93 saints from the universal lilurgical calendar of the church, but mostly because they did not exist, such as St. Christopher, who placed an infant on his shoulders with each step of the world. Had become heavy with the weight of. , But is considered more legend than a man. Others were considered shredded for centuries to ask for sure.

But much is known about John Paul II, and some critics are arguing that there is enough reason not to convince him.

Citing John Paul’s “catastrophic, harsh decision-making” that said it puts children around the world at risk, Editorial Friday at the National Catholic Reporter Urged that the American bishops meeting for the next week’s American conference “discuss the request that the Vatican formally suppresses John Paul’s creed,” or is celebrating it. “Abused victims are no less.”

This is a tremendous irony for a pope who turned the church into a skilled Canning factory. John Paul knocked down the norm for two miracles to one, and did the same for canonization. In 1983, he reduced the amount of time required between a person’s death and the beginning of his demonetization process to 50 to five years.

He produced more than 480 saints, and sufficiently put it into the pipeline that Benedict XVI was able to overdo the score. Pope Francis has followed suit, but has chosen to keep people closer to his more rustic, and less principled, vision of the Church, such as Pope Paul VI and the martyr Salvadoran Archbishop Osio Romero.

The three chauffeurs adopted the canonization process as a tool to reinforce the faithful with the notion that the saints are still among us, but also as those who emulate as mission statements. Given the ideological divide in the church, this approach places a premium on momentum.

“Normally a process five years after the death of a servant of God and not later than 30 years after his death,” after Revas Pascual Cebolada, the Postulator, or the person who submitted a case for canonization to the Jesuit Order, But begins with an explanation. “There are, of course, several exceptions to the final condition that must be justified. For the first time, “he said.” There have been few exceptions. “

John Paul was one of them. Benedict Sixteenth waived the five-year requirement, triggering a case of canonization just days after his death. Even before McCurry’s report was released on Tuesday, there was a growing sentiment that was probably a mistake.

In May, reporters asked Msgr. Slavomir Oder, the originator of the cause of John Paul being a saint, whether it was prudent to ban canonization. Already by that time, there had been a cloud over John Paul’s relationship with John Makerick and his close association with him. The Revival Mariel Maciel Degolado, The Mexican founder of the wealthy and powerful religious system of Christ, who later became the father of many children and was a serial addict.

“All the questions faced, even the ones you are talking about” about the abuse, said Monsinor Oder. He stated that “John Paul II did not cover any pedophiles.”

But Monsignor Oder, who did not return a request for comment after the report’s publication, also said that the Vatican did not provide direct access to the archives to those investigating the case for John Paul’s demonetisation, and that the state The secretariat researched their questions and answers.

Archbishop Carlo Maria Wigan ò, A former official in the state secretariat who became the Vatican’s ambassador to the United States, participated in this report Publishing a noteworthy paper in 2018 That accused told Pope Francis about Mr. McCarrick’s misconduct.

In order to shield John Paul II, who was actually in power at the time of Mr. Macri’s promotion, Archbishop Vigno argued that the ailing Pontiff was too ill to be held accountable with Parkinson’s in 2000.

But the Vatican’s investigation, which Archbishop Vigno said he had not interviewed, says that John Paul was of sound mind when he decided to personally dismiss the allegations and appoint Mr. Macaric.

The report noted that the disparity in the record suggests that Pope John Paul II made the decision in person, and cited the testimony of James Harvey, the former head of the Pope’s house, stating that John Paul would “make all his decisions I was fully capable. ” in 2000.”

John Paul’s more frequent defense report also expresses that his experience facing communism in Poland led him to believe that false accusations against priests and bishops were a political weapon against the faith.

But the report gives a glimpse at other, less sublime, factors that led the Pope to believe Mr. McCarrick, namely that the Vatican operated like an old boys’ network where the bishop always had the benefit of the doubt.

John Paul first met Mr. Macrique in 1976. Mr McCarrick said “some of the teenagers from Catholic families were on a fishing trip in the Bahamas” when a telegram asked them to return immediately for the Pope’s translation. John Paul II, Then known as Karol Joseph WojitlaA rising star in the church. Mr. McCarrick jokingly said that Cardinal Vojitala had ruined his vacation and they struck up a friendship.

A quarter of a century later, Mr. McCarrick urged John Paul in a letter not to believe the charges against him.

Pope John Paul II became “convinced of the truth” of McCarrick’s denial, notes the report, in which Stanislav Dziewicz, now a cardinal, said that Pope John Paul II also believed that it “allowed Macrique to Washington Would be useful to nominate because they have a good relationship with the White House. “

In reports of those events, as well as others, some historians have suggested that the Church redirects the energy of its domination away from the top of the hierarchy.

“You are the Pope,” he proclaimed Cummings. “It should be quite good.”

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